BMW K1200 LT/R1200 GS Shifter Linkage

Powergrid is proud to announce a durable solution to the common problem of shifter linkage failure associated with these premium bikes.

This system uses the precision THK ball links. They are pre-greased and have a water-tight seal. The large ball allows smooth operation. They never need servicing. Install them and forget about them. The left-hand and right-hand threaded rod allows an easy final adjustment for pedal position on the long linkage.

Why service your existing units or wait for them to break. With the same amount of effort as servicing them, you can upgrade to maintenance-free operation.

Long Link Fits:

  • K1200 LT 98-07
  • R1200 GS 06-07
  • R1200 GS Adventure 06-07
  • R1200 GS HP2 06-07

Short Link Fits

  • K1200 LT 98-07

BMW K1200 LT Shifter Linkage Kits are available with both assemblies.

Purchase this kit and save over the individual components!!!!