Hemi Stuff

5.7L Dodge Chrysler Hemi Grabbers Lifting Brackets

Guys, ever try to pick one of these engines up???? It's almost impossible!!!

You can wrap chains or straps around the exhaust manifolds; that's not safe!

You can't grab it by the intake or intake manifold bolts; they're too small!!!

You can go buy the dealership tool for $149.15 list price, but that requires you to remove the intake manifold and grab it by the block in the valley. Who's got time for that!!!!!

Powergrid is proud to present a safe and innovative way to pick up your 5.7L Hemi. The Hemi Grabber from Hemi Headquarters!!! Engineered to do the job.

CAD designed and laser cut from steel, this tool allows you to grab the RF and LR of the engine by the cylinder heads and hook to your cherry picker.

Proudly Made in the USA!

If you are a Hot Rodder, Engine Dyno Test Facility, or a dealership and you work on these engines, you need this tool!!!!