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Florida 5.0 performs evaluation of the Powergrid Adjustable Sway Bar Links. They become a part of their competition package.

Andy Riedy has been competing in track events for over 20 years in Fox-Bodied Mustangs. He races and competes, in SCCA ITGT, NASA E1, and PBOC R5 with numerous wins throughout his career. His 1989 Mustang uses a stock 5.0L and relies on handling, rather than brute power to win. In the stock prepared classes, attention is placed on chassis tuning since the power is only in the 225 to 235 hp range. Tuning effects and results are not always felt in a significant way on factory built uni-body racecars. These parts are definitely, noticeable performance enhancers.

Andy was kind enough to put his thoughts together.

Our testing took place at 3 different tracks with 2 different drivers. We will start with the first time the units were tested and then continue with each track we tested at.

Miami/Homestead Motorsports Complex (Homestead, Florida) 12/05

This is a NASCAR Track with a very tight infield with multiple elevation changes, which really twist a car and work the suspension.

Driver: Andy Riedy (with 20 years racing Fox bodied mustangs)

The very first and extremely noticeable difference felt was when you would start to make a turn. There was no need to work at setting the car; only a positive, no flex/give type of feeling. With stock-type end-links, what is usually felt when making a transition from a straight path into a turn, is a need to turn the car, then do a quick opposite turn and then back, thus helping the car to set solidly after compressing the urethane in the end links. We have called this feel or type of action the “overcoming of urethane squat”. With the Powergrid end-links we immediately had the feeling that the sway bar was engaged and ready to do its job. Our lap times were improved by over a second from any previously run at this track.

Moroso Motorsports Park (West Palm Beach, Florida) 2/06

This track is a fast, flat track with tight and sweeping fast turns.

Driver: David Bauer (9 years racing Fox-Bodied Mustangs)

Note: This was a wet race weekend so the car was raced hard but not at full capacity.

The initial feel that David felt was a positive no-give bite that the car had when he made his first turn. The car was set up soft with rain tires for the wet track conditions. Even with the grip and suspension working differently in the wet, the over all stability of the front end was noticeable.

Sebring International Raceway (Sebring, Florida) 2/06

This track has two configurations that can be run: the long track (used for the 12 hour race) and a short track (used for club racing etc.). We ran the short track, which is the tighter track and does not utilize some of the faster sections.

Driver: Andy Riedy

The initial feel was again the same as we first mentioned. When turning the car we now had a positive, all business feel that allowed the driver to have a quicker response while making a turn. All the turns on this short track, except one, are tight. On one section of the track, there are a series of “S” turns, which requires a left/right, left/right, and then left on to a section which is a sweeping turn which leads into a fast straight away. Through this section, the track surface changes from asphalt, to concrete on the last left. The response the car demonstrated through the “S” turns was quicker and each time the car was turned, it would set immediately. This section now became more of a smooth rhythm section rather than a “chasing the front end wearing you out” type of section. Faster times through that section where also clocked.

There isn’t a chance that this product is smoke and mirrors. I’ve evaluated many parts over the years and this is a keeper. The Powergrid Adjustable Sway Bar Links improve the handling that is required to perform in this class. It allows the car to set and bite. Lap times improved due to the improvement in handling in the corners.

This is one of the most significant new products that enhance the performance of a Fox-Mustang. I feel that the Powergrid product is a true performance piece and is one that is worth looking into.

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